Relaxed smallholding courses
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The 'Relaxed' smallholding courses
Our smallholding courses are perfect for the new and aspiring 'true' smallholder: people who dream of the good life but aren't afraid of hard work; that want to have a go at lots of things but to do them all well and who aim for the highest possible standards of animal welfare.
Relaxed Smallholding coursesRelaxed Smallholding coursesRelaxed Smallholding courses
We are the classic smallholders in that we have small numbers of a wide variety of animals and this makes our smallholding perfect for running courses. Join us for a day (or two) and meet: Dexter cows, Boer and Anglo Nubian goats, Badger Face and Shetland sheep, Alpacas, Pigs (weaners for 4 months, breed varies), chickens (huge mixture), Muscovy ducks, West of England geese and a variety of turkeys. We keep both pedigree and non-pedigree animals and have breeding programmes in place for the sheep, cows, goats and all our poultry!
Find out about all our animals here on our Relaxed At Home Smallholding blog.
Read about the individual courses above and then book online: it's that simple. You can also email or phone 07929 204521.
Relaxed Smallholding coursesRelaxed Smallholding coursesRelaxed Smallholding courses
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