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Find out more about Jack and David by looking at the other Relaxed enterprises available from the links above. If you are thinking of booking a course or a visit, the Smallholding Blog will give you a huge insight into what you can expect. Contact us via anytime.
Jack Smellie

Relaxed Smallholding coursesJack was destined for animals to be a part of her life when, as a very young child, she kept caterpillars in matchboxes and then invited her parents and siblings to her 'wildlife' shows! She followed her father into teaching (well actually she thought of it first... she was twelve years old when he decided to take the plunge!) and reached the dizzy heights of 'joint' deputy head.

Following a brief spell in theatre administration she then joined a national educational charity as project manager where as well as organising events, training teachers and making up book boxes for schools, she acquired her first dog – from a litter bred by her then boss who persuaded her to get a dog and promised it would be allowed in the office!!

The smallholding dream became a reality alongside a move to the West Country, initially Cornwall! Having become incredibly self sufficient on just one acre, the lure of ‘more land’ prevailed and now she and David enjoy the dizzy heights of a whole TEN acres in North Devon.

Jack writes for Country Smallholding, Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas and Farmland Magazine as well as producing a daily diary.
David Chidgey

Relaxed Smallholding coursesAn early love of literature led David to question and discover lands beyond those he lived in, and fields of which he had little knowledge. Tilman and Shipton were read alongside Carroll and Tolkien and David's steps away from the north (where it rained a lot) were into teaching for 35 years, with an Award for Teacher of the Year being one of the many high spots.

His varied career included teaching D&T, Special Needs, Business and IT together with many trips away from school, mountaineering, climbing, caving and kayaking.

David left teaching to pursue a less stressful life working with Jack to run Relaxed Ltd, and whilst Jack mucks out, he grows and harvests a variety of fruit and vegetables and then does all the cooking and washing up.

He also uses his skills in D&T to build animal housing, fix implements that are broken and he never throws anything away.

David also 'collects' dogs. Jack may be responsible for bringing the first one into their lives but the rest (all seven of them, currently we have five), are definitely down to him!!
Relaxed Smallholding courses
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